Best Android Launchers 2017 for Highly Android Customization

If you are using android phone and interested in experiencing better user experience on your android device, then you should  need to start using best launchers for android devices. No doubt, Android launchers apps comes with amazing features which actually makes the overall look of your smartphone awesome. 

Best Android Launchers 2017 for Highly Android Customization

If you are looking for best android launchers collection of 2016, then you should need to check out this list. So let's get started:

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is one of the best android launcher available on Google Playstore for Android users. It offers dozens of amazing features which lets you to customize and optimize your android device for better look and performance respectively. The free version of Nova launcher comes with limited features however if you buy prime Nova launcher, then you can easily customize your android lock screen according to your desire without facing any issue. If you explore this app, then you will find cool and amazing icon packs and themes for Nova launcher app. With this launcher, you can change icons, animations, app drawers and can also customize user interface as well.  Features offered by Nova launcher includes:

  • Amazing Scrolling effect
  • Hide your favorite apps within drawer
  • Easy Backup and Restore option
  • Distinct Folder icons
  • Custom Grid options
  • Infinite Scroll & Easily Scrollable Docks

Apex Launcher

Apex is another popular android launcher which takes customization on android device to the next level. It offers same features and functions just like Nova launcher but with few modifications. Apex launcher also comes with two versions free and paid. If you are normal user, then i will suggest you to go with free version and if you are power user who is interested in customizing android device look, then you should need to try pro version.Features offered by Apex Launcher includes:
  • Smooth home screen gestures
  • Scrollable Docks
  • Backup and Restore feature
  • Sortable App Drawer
  • App Icon Customization
  • Folder customization
  • Customize Gird and Home screen size
  • Amazing Transition effects

Action Launcher

Action Launcher is another great android launcher app that comes with tons of features which lets you customize your android device easily. As said above, this app comes with tons of cool features so expect highly customization on your android phones or tablets. Best thing about Action launcher is that it comes with simple and user friendly interface which you can customize according to your needs. Only drawback of this launcher is that it needs best rendering smartphones to work properly. Features offered by Action Launcher includes:
  • Infinite and Elastic Scrolling
  • Fastest Scrollable Docks
  • Change themes instantly
  • Quickbar and Quickdrawer
  • Backup and Restore feature
  • Covers and Shutters

C Launcher

If you are a budget android device user, then C launcher is highly recommend launcher for you to try out. It takes less mobile resources for better performance and optimum look. Even you can use C launcher on low end android smartphone. With this app, you can easily personalize docks, icons, themes, grid size and scroll types etc. Features offered by C launcher includes:
  • Tons of rehash features
  • Easily Personalize home screen
  • booster center features
  • Fantastic themes and HD Wallpapers included
  • Nice amazing charachterstic  effects
So these are the best android launchers that you can try in 2017 on your android device for customization. Which android launcher is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments.


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